Friday, 16 May 2014

At Sea, Faux Pas and Project Life !

day 2 monday plaque

Monday started early for us, as we were having a General Gathering with ALL the achieving Demonstrators from all over the World !  It was actually unreal to see so many of the top Demonstrators, and I was totally in awe !

grand gathering 1

We met all the Corporate Staff from the Head Office in Utah, together with the Business Development Managers from across the world, and of course Shelli !


The wonderful Pam Morgan also gave us a demonstration promoting the new partnership with Becky Higgins and Project Life !   After Pam finished, guess which lucky Demonstrator won a complete Project Life card kit ?!?!?!!  Yes me !!!!!!!!!!!  I’ll show you photographs of the cards when I open the box after this Regional Training weekend – I promise !

After the General Assembly, we were free to do what we wanted, as Monday was an ‘at sea’ day !

Sally and I made our way to the Promenade to see the Disney Parade – the childrens’ faces were just amazing to see, and I confess that my eyes leaked a little !



We then went for lunch, and did a little bit of relaxing and sunbathing !


That evening after our formal meal (photos to follow), we had the European Mix & Mingle, where demonstrators from all over Europe, gathered to meet, eat, drink and mingle !  It was lovely to see us all in one place, and get to know each better.  I confess: by this time, it was late evening, and I was ‘stuffed to the gill’ full of food, so I changed into my shorts and slippers for comfort Surprised smile Not realising of course, that photographs would be taken – what a MASSIVE faux pas !

mix and mingle 1 mix and mingle 3

I couldn’t last too late, as my feet were throbbing and my belly was very, very full !

Tomorrow we arrive in Haiti, so please make sure you pop back to share our day !

If you have any questions or queries regarding joining the Stampers Group/10 Club (three vacancies for the group starting in June), or if you wish to place an order, then please contact me on or call/text me on 07747 465186

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  1. Well you look very confident in your slippers and I bet you were the most comfortable! That's the sort of thing I would have done!


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