Friday, 7 December 2012

Paper Trimmer Video

Oh yes, I’ve done it … I’ve only gone and made TWO videos about the NEW & TOTALLY AMAZING Stampin Up! Trimmer.
Stampin Up Paper Trimmer–Part 1
and ….. Part 2
Stampin Up! Paper Trimmer–Part 2
Ha ha ha ha ha … a friend is lending me a Flip video camera to see how I get on with it – so hopefully, the next ones will be less shaky … and I might have had time to scrub off the ink from my hands and nails – I hope you enjoyed Corrie !

The cost of the trimmer is £25.95 and postage is £2.50 (offered by me not SU!)

As always, if you want to place an order, please contact me on or 07747 465186
Happy Crafting !  Cal xxx


  1. I love seeing the trimmer like that, it's almost as good as seeing it in real life! Hope you do some more videos Cal,your TV viewing will have to be an ongoing feature!

  2. I love them ... They are so you! Like having you with me! C xxx

  3. Yay! How odd to hear your voice for the first time when I feel like I have known you for years!! LOL
    Looks like a lovely paper trimmer, you didn't mention how much it cost!! Well done, Cal, now you are off!!

  4. Great vids Cal, was that your "posh" voice! xxxx

  5. Go Carole! ITV's got nothing on you! :-) You're certainly doing the job of making me want one. My current trimmer doesn't let me cut short cuts such as under 2 inches very easily. I'm assuming this one does?


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