Sunday, 19 August 2012

Customer Appreciation … Prizes !

What a busy time it has been lately at the Hearts Headquarters.  My house has looked like Alton Towers due to having repair work on the chimney and a new roof. 

The Project Manager decided that he wanted to join me in our bedroom Surprised smile, and somehow slipped and came through the bedroom ceiling !  Thankfully, there wasn’t too much damage done, but it delayed all the works until the ceiling was re-plastered.  I can now report that it looks like new again, and that my bedroom has been re-decorated for free – yay !  The scaffolding has thankfully been removed, and I can now work on the garden … I know, it DOES need it ! 

On Thursday, I had four different sets of workmen in the house.  Two decorators doing said bedroom, one plumber checking that the gas out-flow (or whatever it is called) hadn’t been damaged, and checking all the other gas appliances.  One door person putting on a new back door (complicated by having a complicated alarm system that had ‘things’ screwed into the wooden door that couldn’t be transferred into a UPVC door), and lastly, a  selection of scaffolders removing Alton Towers from the house structure !  It was mad I tell you !


Anyway …. on to more relaxing things ………

This amazing layout was made by one of my customers, Ruth Bolton.  She has kindly shared the instructions for this layout, and they are to be found below.


If you are a customer of mine, then please email me with any projects that you have made – you DO NOT need to include instructions.  Once a month, I will randomly select a project, and I will not only put it on my blog to share with my readers, but you will also earn a £10 gift voucher to spend on anything that you like from the current catalogue/s.  I’d call that a ‘win-win’ situation !  So please, email me at with your amazing Stampin Up! projects !!

Instructions - (it may help to keep referring to the above picture)

Resources needed:

  • *  1x photo 6” x 4” b&w
  • *  1x cream card stock
  • *  1x roses and umbrella paper
  • *  1x yellow and white paper (with brown line and flower border)
  • · 1x yellow patterned paper
  • · 12” blue ribbon
  • · Stamping up basic grey ink pad
  • · Trimmer
  • · Craft knife
  • · Scissors
  • · Glue
  • · Foam pads

1. Cut out all the flower and brown line border from the yellow paper, so you’re left with a long strip with only yellow showing between the brown lines. Now cut the right hand side flower group away so you should now have the boarder, but in 2 pieces. Ink edges of both pieces. Put to one side

2. cut the roses and umbrella paper in half 6” x 12” MAKE SURE YOU DO IT LENGTH WAYS as you will need to use the pocket watches on the reverse side, put this piece to one side safe you don’t want to cut into this piece yet.

3. The piece you are left with you are going to cut down 6” x 9”, ink the edges and stick on to your cream card stock 2” in from left side and 1 ½ “ from the top. Once this is stuck down you can now stick down the brown lined part of the boarder you cut out before making sure you butt the flower edges to top corner of the card its important you get this piece as straight as u can.

4. Now cut a piece from the yellow and white paper you have left 4” x 8” also cut a one 1” x 8” but use reverse side for this one. Ink edges attach the yellow and white (4” x 8”) to your Layout 3” up from bottom and 2 ½” in from left side. Attach the yellow strip on to this one 4” up from bottom and 1” in from right.

5. Position and attach your photo at a slight angel use the flower part of the boarder you haven’t used yet as a guide so you will know that it will slightly overlap you photo when you attach it later.

6. Attach foam pads to the back of the flower part of the boarder, we are now going to carefully line this up with the boarder already attached, it is important you take your time with this to make sure it matches correctly.

7. Now with the other piece of 12”x6” cut out the pocket watches being careful not to cut in to the other feather swirls as you will also cut some of these out. Once the watches are cut out attach to your layout with foam pads using my picture to help with positioning also use my picture to help u choose what other swirls and flowers u may want to use as u can see I used quite a few including some of the small pink roses from the roses and umbrella paper. What you cut out and use is up to you it’s your layout, you may want to use more or less than me. Some you will stick flat with others layered on top using foam pads. You also will need to position and attach the blue ribbon.

8. Give your layout a title, I looked for quotes to do with love and time to fit with the photo and the pocket watches.

Isn’t this layout amazing ?!!  Don’t forget -  if you are a customer of mine, and you have a project that you have made using Stampin UP! products, then email me on with your project, and you could be in with a chance of earning a £10 gift voucher !

Don’t forget – if you spend £60 on a single order this month, then you will receive the beautiful Reason to Smile stamp set for FREE !


Happy Crafting !


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  1. Yikes... I would be hard pressed to keep on smiling through that little lot... hopefully it is all coming to an end now and you will be all spruced up and looking fabby!!


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