Monday, 13 May 2013

Let’s do it, on the go !

Over the years, I have made several mini albums documenting various trips and events that I have attended.  The mini albums/books  have all brought me so much joy to make, and I continue to re-live those trips and events over the years every time I pick one up.

I really enjoy the planning process of making them - what kind of supplies I want to use, and what sort of memorabilia I want to include. Scrapbooking is the ultimate way to remember every minute of every trip or event that you, or your family, have ever taken or taken part in.

So, how about creating that joy while you’re on your trip, or enjoying that event ?  Let’s do it, on the go !


The NEW This & That Journal from Stampin Up! contains everything you need to ‘do it, on the go’  With huge inside pockets, you can tuck all your embellishments inside, and have them ready and handy for when you want to add something to your journal.  I can hear you all shouting “But Carole, I don’t have any glue with me” ! That’s true, but don’t forget, a part of this amazing bundle, is WASHI TAPE !  Thats all you need !  Everything in this bundle co-ordinates to perfection !

Although ‘doing it on the go’ means that you don’t have your normal whole array (craftroom) of embellishments, often, having less choice, makes it easier to create.

You can add tags, pockets and envelopes to hide a whole host of memorabilia that you collect on your journey, and makes it more exciting for others to ‘read’ through your adventure.

This-and-That-Epic-Day 3 (2) USE

this and that 1 (3) USEthis and that 2 (3) USE

Don’t forget – the special bundle offer of £29.24 (15% discount) is only available until the 30th May – and also don’t forget, that I am offering reduced postage of £3 for this deal only !  Win-win !

(as from 31 May, you can still order everything contained in the bundle, but you will have to pay for each item individually)

To order your This & That bundle, please contact me on or text me/call me on 07747 465186

Have fun whatever journey you are currently taking – Cal xxx

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