Sunday, 9 September 2012

Trip down memory lane … and tadpoles

When my twin brother and I were much much younger, my Dad used to take us on the most amazing ‘adventures’ … in other words, Mum wanted to do housework or washing, and we were under her feet …. We would go ‘big bear hunting’ on Bidston Hill in Birkenhead,  ‘shark hunting’ down to New Brighton, ‘treasure hunting’ around fields where we lived, or ‘frog hunting’ on Bidston Marshes.  These trips although filled with much hilarity at the time, also scared the living daylights out of me, as I never knew what I would actually do if I DID come across a ‘big bear’ or a real ‘shark’ …… Winking smile

I am so lucky to have such amazing memories, and to have had such a wonderful father with such an imagination – that’s a musician for you !!!

Anyway, when I saw the Perfectly Preserved stamp set in the new Autumn/Winter catalogue, an idea started forming …. then when I saw the teeny tiny frog stamp in the Toxic Treats stamp set – the idea was sealed !

As I was making this project, lots of memories came flooding back, and rather than feeling sad, I was actually laughing out loud … I was remembering the time that my brother and I brought back jars of tadpoles each– hundreds of the boogers – I put mine in an old bath tub in the back yard that my dad had found (he was a prolific hoarder), and how my brother kept his in an empty fish tank in his bedroom.  We watched these little ‘dots’ over the days and weeks develop their ‘tails’ and then start forming their legs …  I also remember my Mum screaming at my brother and dad to get them out of the house … yup, not for one moment did we think those little ‘dots’ would start hopping about as quick as they did … thankfully, it was mine that hopped off first, and we managed to get my brothers outside before they started hopping around his bedroom, and god forbid the house !  However, its the ‘what if' ….’ thought that is making me chuckle more !  My Mum would have had the screaming abdabs if those frogs had managed to hop around our house !!

Anyway, this is my project ……  I thought it would be great as a baby’s congratulations card, but no-one seems to ‘get it’ ….. do you ?

congrats card 1

Made using the Perfectly Preserved stamp and die bundle, Toxic Treats stamp set and Orchard Harvest designer papers.

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Hoppy Crafting !


  1. Well you're mad as a box of frogs so it would seem an appropriate card to come from you!LOL

  2. gotta be about the tadpole that made it ;) xx

  3. I get it Cal, it's all about the little swimmers ....

    Great card and great story!

    Donna x

  4. Love it! Can I call my upline mad???


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