Saturday, 16 June 2012

Salami !

I am very privileged to have some amazing friends, and two of those friends happened to 'pop' in to see me today. It was such a surprise to see them both, and what was meant to be a quick half hour, ended up being a two hour plus visit !

So, where does the Salami come into the equation .... well, for a while now, I've been unsure as to what direction to take with my Stampin Up business.   I am passionate about Stampin Up and also passionate about scrapbooking.  My friends know how I feel about my work, and that often, through my own insecurities, I feel that my work and instructions are not good enough.  One minute I feel that scrapbooking is the direction that I want to take, and yet sales and enquiries from customers, point me in the card making and 3d project direction.  I absolutely love all areas of crafting, I eat, breathe and sleep crafting, but my heart will always belong to scrapbooking. 

My friends were enthusing and encouraging me, but could tell that something was wrong.  After a little more questioning, I confessed that I was scared of failing, and that my customers might not like my work, and that I might lose all my loyal customers.

One of the friends said "How do you eat Salami" ?  To be honest, I thought she'd lost the plot !  "Well" ? she asked.  Huh ? Surely you just eat Salami ??  "The answer ..." she said, "... is that you slice it.  You can't eat a whole Salami, you have to slice it.   Just as, you can't be an overnight success, you have to work at it.  Imagine each step as a slice".  I thought about it.  Maybe rather than be scared of failing, I should take small 'slices' and build up from there.

So, thats what I'm doing.  I'm taking small slices !   If you look on the left hand bar of my blog, you will see a NEW page.  It is my scrapbooking page, and over time, I'm going to add all those layouts that I've been storing for no other reason than I thought my instructions wouldn't be good enough.  I will over time be selling my instructions to match the layouts - but they will be simplified.  They will not have step-by-step photographs, but they will have easy to follow instructions and photographs of different sections.  If there's a special technique that I've used, then I will add a link to either a you tube video or a link to explain the technique. 

I would love to have the time to do the wonderful step-by-step, full of photographs, all saluting, high falooting instructions, but sadly, I have limited time available to me.  I would prefer to spend the time producing layouts !

layouts 002a

So … thanks to the ‘girls’ for a fantastic, unexpected visit today – and I will remember to appreciate and count my ‘slices’ every day !

Ooops – I nearly forgot – watch out for my forthcoming You Tube videos – yup, you will hear my proud Scouse accent … live !!! ha ha ha !

025  029

As always, if you would like to place an order, or if you have any questions – then please contact me on or call me on 01706 351299 or text me on 07765 847062

Cal xxx


  1. I think they are right Carole - you do lovely work and really anyone who has scrapped even once before only needs brief directions as we should be inspired by each other not nec. directly repeating as otherwise its not our story is it - I only do about half a side of instructions for my classes if that - I demo techniques and anything quirky and leave them to it and they love it and I have a variety of styles and experience in my classes and it allows room to grow - but I am first of all a card maker not a scrapper!!

  2. Bravo, my very dear friend I have seen your craft work both in person & online & I know that you have not only the talent to take this forward, but the passion & knowledge as well. Now, take your salami [love that idea] & slice by slice break down those confidence barriers & continue to believe in yourself. Your friends know what I & many more people know & that is your good, awesome even & it's time that the world started to see it too :)
    Good luck in your new venture & remember to fend off the knocks & embrace to the good ...

    Jane xx

  3. You have all the talent and drive to take this forward and it will all be fine. I love your work and I'm just now starting to believe in my own abilities thanks to some lovely friends so listen to yours and go forward believing in yourself x

  4. They look fabulous Carole. It's so good to hear that someone else lacks confidence about their creations and worry that people don't like them so maybe I need to take a 'slice' of your advice. Keep going your work is fab :0)
    Margaret x

  5. Carole, I love the Salami principle! I don't think you have anything to be afraid of. Your blog is beautiful and your work is creative and artistic. You go girl!


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