Friday, 22 June 2012

Last few days ...

My husband Stewart has been in hospital, and still isn't doing too good, but hopefully over the next few days, his meds will kick in, and he'll start picking up.

Its the last few weeks of the school term, and everything is hotting up !  We start our new timetable this coming Monday, and its always fun to watch the Year 10's becoming Year 11's, and the little Year 7's moving up to Year 8's and no longer being the 'newbies' !!  They literally have personality changes overnight !!!!

Thankfully, the exam season is over, and this year, my own son was sitting his GCSE's too, which made the whole of the exam time extremely stressful for me.  I just wish that I could have sat the exams for him ... and most days, I would arrive in school and just cry !  I am so proud of him as he has worked extremely hard revising, and I know that he has put in 100% effort, which is all any parent can ask.  On many occasions, I've had to stop him revising and make him take a break - seriously !  I just hope with all my heart, that he gets the results that he wants to enable him to go to the College of his choice. xxx

Anyway, back to business .... its the last week of the Simply Scored, scoreboard offer from me.  

Buy the amazing, Simply Scored scoreboard, and receive from me :-

* Free postage (normal postage is £4.95)
* 110 page document (emailed) with heaps and heaps and heaps of projects to inspire you to use your scoreboard (and plates)

The scoreboard is £25.95 and comes with three place markers.  It features two easy to read imperial rulers (one along the side and one along the top), and fits paper or cardstock up to 12x12.  The bottom of the base has non-marking and nonskid feet to secure it on your work surface.

The Metric Plate (£10.95) secures firmly over the scoreboard, and has scoring tracks every 1cm and five speciality tracks to score standard metric card sizes.

Likewise the Diagonal Plate (£10.95) is of the same quality, and again fits snuggly over the main Scoreboard.

What are you waiting for - this offer is only available until 30 June 2012 !!

Paper Party

The other current offer, is the Paper Party - buy 3 sets of designer papers from the list below, and get one pack of designer papers FREE !!!!  So stock up now, and get ready for some serious scrapbooking during the summer months!

As always, if you would like to place an order, then please contact me on or 07765 847062 or 01706 351299 :)

Attic Boutique - get these FREE !

Twitterpated papers - you can earn these FREE !


  1. I hope your hubby feels better soonest!! Hugs for your son as well. Bella starts those standardized tests next year and I'm really worried for her. She has trouble focusing (she's one of the youngest in her classes because of when her birthday is), and although very bright, she rarely FINISHES tests and therefore scores lower. Ugh! So frustrating!!

    LOVE your cards and I hope you get lots of new customers!!!! I'm scoring impaired. Seriously. Em laughs at me, but it's true! (I think my board is jinxed or something!!!!)

  2. Hope your hsaband feels better soon. I LOVE your cards, thanks for sharing. Iam your newest follower from SC and Canada.

  3. Cal I hope that Stewart is on the mend and that you can relax and enjoy the last few weeks of term. I know what you mean - Alex is very excited to be a Year 9 tomorrow!


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