Monday, 21 November 2011

Ever considererd being a Stampin Up Demonstrator ??

... then NOW is the time to sign up !  
There are lots of NEW things happening in the near future at Stampin Up! and YOU could be at the fore-front of the new changes. It has never been a better time than NOW to join Stampin Up as a Demonstrator.
Joining Stampin’ Up! is a great way of turning your hobby into a viable source of income, AND even a full time career. 

Stampin' Up! Starter Kit

As with everything nowadays - the more you put in, the more you get out.
  1. For all the product you sell ... you keep 20% - As a Demonstrator you keep 20% of the value of the products you sell. For example if you sell £100 of products (excluding VAT & Shipping) and you will have £20 to put straight into your pocket!
  2. Get an additional bonus on your sales every month of up to 15% - Depending on how much you sell in any month you can earn an additional payment of between 4% and 20% of that sales amount. For example if you sell £200 in product in July you will get a payment of £8 in August, or if you sell £1000 in July and you will get an additional payment of £100 in August.
  3. Help others start their own Stampin’ Up! Business and earn a % of their sales - When you help other people who want to make money just like you, you can earn a % of their sales every month. This starts at 2% of their sales and can rise to 6.5% 
  4. Earn Cash & Product Bonuses, Incentive Trips and other awards - Stampin’ Up! is  extremely generous with their awards and recognition programme.  Stampin Up! allows you to earn amazing bonuses as you reach various milestones in your business. These include schemes to help you make a profit from the start.
  5. Create your own money making opportunitiesTeach classes and be paid for your expertise, sell finished product for a profit, sell on line tutorials and video classes. The options are only limited by your imagination
If you would like to become a Demonstrator, all you need to do is download the three forms below, fill them in and then return them to me by post or by email.

Don't forget, this is the busiest time of the year with the run-up to Christmas and then Sale-a-bration.

If you sign up NOW you will have until the end of March to attain your minimum target of £225 (£270 including VAT).  However, if you decide that being a Demonstrator isn't for you, then you just let your Demonstrator title lapse - no questions asked.

After you receive your starter kit, you will receive an EXTRA 10% off your first order making a total of 30% instant income (10% plus the standard 20% instant income bonus) on an order over £150.

However, if you find that you really enjoy being a Demonstrator and want help and encouragement to grow your business - then you'll be welcomed into our team (The Hearts), and have access to lots of help, advice and tutorials - not only from myself, but also from Stampin Up!

I'm sure you will have lots of questions, so if you want any further details, please contact me on 07799 250981 or

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