Monday, 13 February 2012

Background Stamping

Have you seen our range of amazing background stamps ? or have you ever tried background stamping ?
(This amazing example is by MARY FISH)
Background Stamping Technique
background stamping finished project 
  1. With the background stamp face up, ink the stamp completely by tapping the ink pad on the rubber.
  2. Place the background stamp face up on your stamping surface.
  3. Place the card stock on the inked stamp.
  4. If the card stock is smaller than the stamp, cover the card stock with a piece of note paper.
  5. Rub the card stock with smooth, firm strokes, making sure to rub all areas of the stamp, and keep the card stock from sliding.
  6. Remove the note paper and carefully lift the card stock off of the stamp.
    Note: This technique works well with any large stamp.
background stamping process 
Create a multicoloured background by applying two or more inks to the background stamp.
Here’s a selection of some of our other background stamps.
If you’re interested in purchasing any of the above stamps, please contact me on or 07799 250981.


  1. Great pictures and tutorial. I always forget to take the paper to my larger stamps and wonder why I have problems! D'OH! xxx

  2. Your work is really wonderful!! I found you via SC and have become your newest follower. You can find me at


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